The Velvetyne Fellowship License allows creators to share their work, peer-to-peer, with their fellows.


Personal and commercial use You can use the creation for commercial or non-commercial use. Please credit the author whenever possible.
Sharing with your contacts You can share the files to your friends in a private sphere, and they will in turn become fellows.
Limited distribution You cannot make the files public.
Modification upon authorization You are requested to notify the author beforehand and to obtain his or her agreement.

Terms of License


Creation files are the totality of files made available by the owner·s of the copyright, under this licence, who have been clearly identified as such. In addition to font files, this collection of files can include source files, generation scripts and documentation.

Creation designates the physical or digital objectification of the creation files into a work that can be consulted and/or used for itself, as an artwork, software or otherwise.

Author·s designates the original creator or creators, or any other person who has participated to the development of the creation files.

Fellow designates every person who has been gifted the creation files published under the fellowship license, by way of another friend.

VFL stands for Velvetyne Fellowship License.

Conditions of use

The creation distributed under VFL can be used freely by each fellow, for all kinds of projects, commercial or otherwise.

The creation under VFL can be distributed freely to your friends and contacts on a one-to-one basis, who will in turn become fellows.

The creation and creation files distributed under VFL may only be used by fellows, in other words, anyone who has received the creation files from a previous fellow.

Fellows are requested to credit the author and the name of the creation wherever possible. The author’s name is included in the text file that is shared alongside the creation.


The creation and creation files can be distributed online or in-person, including but not limited to email, direct message, USB drive, or external hard drive.

The creation and creation files SHOULDN’T IN ANY CASE be distributed publicly. It is therefore prohibited to distribute these files on download portals, on blogs, social media, forums or on any other form of digital creation catalog on the internet.

The creation and creation files SHOULD NEVER be sold in any way. If your clients ask to receive the creation files, in the context of a commercial project, the creation and the creation files should be distributed free of costs and with the present license alongside it.


If a fellow needs to modify the creation files to adapt it to meet special needs, please contact its original author in advance in order to obtain their permission. The creation must be distributed as is or accompanied by the modified versions, if necessary with exactly the same license.


Disclaimer : This user license becomes void and useless if the conditions described above are not respected. It solely and uniquely applies to the creation shared alongside this contract. The author remains free to distribute this creation under another license in the future.