License’s presentation

The Fellowship License allows you to make digital creations available to your friends through peer-to-peer sharing. It encourages the sharing, within a defined framework, of any kind of digital creations that sometimes remain in designers’ folders. Those creations can thus spread organically from one friend to another and can be used when they are not distributed by distribution platform.

This particular licence allows users to employ these creations in commercial and noncommercial projects alike. However, it doesn’t allow anyone to post the licensed creations on any website or online repository whatsoever. The only way to obtain the files would be from another fellow. Respect to modification of the creation’s design, this licence allows for it, but only after asking the original designer of the creation. In this sense, this licence is different from traditional open source licences.

It is a diffusion model in which each holder of the creation becomes a diffuser and guarantees its availability and conservation.


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